KFOG is Dead

RIP KFOG      1982 – 2016 (at least the rock years of KFOG)

The now defunct KFOG logo.

The Bay Area’s World Famous KFOG is gone. Is it just a sad April Fool’s joke? It doesn’t seem so. On March 31st all of the on air staff were sacked and the original broadcast format was replaced with just music interspersed with a cryptic, overproduced sound byte stating that “the evolution is coming 4/20”. What the hell does that mean? Are they gonna play Peter Tosh’s Legalize It 24/7 on 4/20?

Gone is the 10 at 10 time roulette. You never knew what year the music would bring you back to along with clips from the news and films of the year.

Gone is the not pop, not modern rock, not classic rock format and all of the interesting personalities that made listing to the original KFOG such a mind expanding pleasure.
But as Bruce Springsteen said way back in 1982, everything dies…

“Everything dies baby that’s a fact / But maybe everything that dies someday comes back / Put your makeup on fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City” (because the Bay Area rent is too damn high to meet here)

The Evolution will not be televised and it probably won’t be listened too.

But you can still listen to a somewhat similar non-commercial station out of Pennsylvania online:  http://www.xpn.org/

16 thoughts on “KFOG is Dead”

  1. For the first Friday in decades, The Toyes 1983 song Smoke Two Joints was not played at 5 pm on KFOG. The DJ-less KFOG weekend was kicked off with S.O.B. by
    Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats followed by another ad for “the evolution” which was followed by U2’s Pride (In the Name of Love). Probably just because it was in the endless loop of the former KFOG’s music catalog that was put in place of DJ guided radio.

    End of an era.

    1. Yeah, right there with you.

      There are two touchstone songs in KFOG history, Rock This Town, and Smoke Two Joints.

      On my personal playlist, this weekend was kicked off with The Last DJ.

  2. As a Foghead and former SF resident I am sad to see KFOG go. My wife and I streamed it all the time. However we have local options. WTMD in Towson MD is very good station as well as WXPN in Philly. Both these stations are listener supported. It maybe the path the listeners in San Francisco must take. SF was the “birthplace” of free form radio. Hopefully something better will rise from the ashes.

  3. So, so VERY sad! After crossing first the Golden Bridge and now the Richmond Bay Bridge for the past 22 years, my morning commute will never be the same. Those familiar voices with such great camaraderie from folks I never met in person but felt a special kinship towards, are gone forever! And, the famous end of the week 5:00 p.m. sign off! Is nothing sacred? Glad to find this site to air my grievances. Can we elicit enough public outcry to reverse these decisions? I hope so.

  4. As a former Californian, now living in S Oregon, I loved streaming KFOG at home and at work. I loved the eclectic format and the intimate feel of all the different programs and DE’s; there is nothing like it here. Just went to turn on the computer for some Acoustic Sunrise. What a dissapointmet.

  5. I’m having a crisis.
    What will I listen to now ???!?
    I loved KFOG dj s, acoustic sun rise/set, 5 pm Friday, and so much more
    I can NOT listen to the DESCRuTion coming 4/20.

  6. Cumulus fired KFOG’s air staff and put the station on automatic ‘shuffle’ mode for three weeks promising an “evolution”. And the new music format is….mostly the same. The deejays weren’t KFOG’s problem…it was their moribund playlist of tired old ’80s songs (‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Back On The Chain Gang’) combined with contemporary artsy-farty “adult rock” artists who just aren’t very memorable. Evolution?? They’ve just put new lipstick on the same pig. Meh.

  7. I am devastated for the second time in the last 4 years by what Cumulus Radio has done to our Bay Area classic rock station. I have been a devoted KFOG listener since that first spin in 1982 of ‘Rock This Town’ by The Stray Cats. In 2012 Cumulus wiped out the morning show crew and replaced them with DJ’s that were horrible. Guess what? Most of them were back by 2014. Now they have done it again and I am ready to say Bye Bye. I all seems to be about $$ but the sad thing is the market they are aiming at has much less discretionary income to spend then my generation does. I hope the advertisers hear this because KFOG is now off my dial preferences.

  8. Sitting in my rec room, going over my “Live From The Archives” collection Just broke the shrink wrap on a copy of Vol. 17 I picked up on April Fools Day. Been saving it for today. A private wake for a fallen friend. Damn you, Cumulus, did you have to sour both All-Fools Day and 4/20 for me this year?

    (Oh well, you wanna smoke two joints, or you wanna do your homework?)

    (I knew you were gonna say dat!)

    Spent my commutes for the last three weeks listening, for the sake of the music, to the sad, echoing ghost of KFOG-that-was, jeering every time they announced that “De-Evolution” was coming. (Couldn’t agree more.) Had to find new beats for my ride today. Slim pickings.

    Ah well, it’s time to put on my M. Dung Idiot Show Classics disk, Eye! Ay-Way, KFOG, they’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

  9. I have found my new radio home, at 107.1 The Peak, in New York. I am ever so grateful that a #FormerFoghead suggested them. They have a 10@10, or 10@7 in the Cali time zone! They also have an acoustic Sunday morning show, a new releases Wednesday, House of Blues, ands a 3 song, “Select-a-Set” that a listener suggests. I suggested a farewell set for KFOG, and they played it today, giving many shout-outs, as well as appreciation to us, as former Fogheads. I have taken my head out of the fog, and hit The Peak! http://www.1071thepeak.com/programs/

    I will dearly miss the old KFOG. They were a part of the soundtrack of my life for well over 25 years. Births, deaths, higher education, relationships, KFOG was in the background. No longer….. Sad.

  10. I have listened to KFOG from the time BEFORE M. Dung in the morning, and can’t believe that Cumulus has been so despicable as to fire most of the D-jays in one fell swoop! I guess a search is on for a new station–

  11. I’ve been wondering and wondering what happened to my KFOG Solute every Friday at 5pm. Here’s my answer. I’ll have to remove KFOG from the #1 station in my car radio. So bummed.

  12. After Dave Mory left it was never the same, the DJ’s tried and did alright but now? I’ve been trying to listen to the morning show on my way to work and can’t do it! I guess the Milininum Gen is where the money is at problem is they do not listen to the radio, they mostly streem. Play in a Classic Rock cover band and have the same problem, kids seem to like the beat but do not know the music so they leave. In places like Heflings in Ben Lomand you have mixture of Miliniums and Baby Boomers they all love the Classic Rock. When are stations gonna learn that the boomers are not dead and they have more time to spend money. Dave put on more than just Rock he played R&B and anything that was memory of the times, or not just “Surfer” but also “Soul” music which were you? I for one was both.

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